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Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada (ELCC) fonds Series
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Norwegian Lutheran Church of Canada

The series contains source material from the Norwegian Lutheran Church of America- Canada District, and its successor, the Norwegian Lutheran Church of Canada. It consists of minutes, reports, scrapbooks, correspondence, a written history of the NLCA and printed material that document the activities of the Norwegian Lutheran districts and circuits in Western Canada from 1903 to 1968. The series features records from various conferences and circuits, from the Board of Parish Education, the Youth Luther League, the Women’s Missionary Society, and the Home Missions Committee.

Norwegian Lutheran Church of Canada

Division of World Missions

The series contains source material from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada's Division of World Missions. It consists of minutes, an essay by missionary Arnfield C. Morkc, missionary handbooks, pamphlets and records on the ELCC's missionary furlough home.

The ELCC's Division of World Missions was formed to support international ministry in partnership with the American Lutheran Church. Featuring specialized programs, the Division of World Missions recruited missionaries and provided training programs.

Division of Canadian Missions

The series consists of source material from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada's Division of Canadian Missions. It includes material on mission work conducted throughout Canada. These records document the Division of Canadian Missions' efforts through the Church Extension fund, mission work in Quebec and in Alberta. The series contains minutes, reports, handbooks and pamphlets dating from 1942 to 1985.

The ELCC's Division of Canadian Missions was charged with researching and evaluating the needs of new, growing communities across Canada. The Division of Canadian Missions would determine how new congregations could be formed and would also support existing congregations. In addition, the Division of Canadian Missions was responsible for sponsoring ministries to the deaf and the Lutheran Sunday School at Home Program.

Division of Communication

The series contains records relating to the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada's Division of Communication. It includes Board of Communication minutes, published material, administrative records and correspondence from the ELCC's Division of Communication, and its related publications and periodicals. The series includes records on: The National Lutheran, The Door, The Shepherd, The Lutheran Voice and the Foothills Bookstore.

The ELCC's Division of Communication was responsible for both internal and external communications for the Church. The Board of Communication was composed of 7 members, including 4 clergymen and 3 laymen. The Division was tasked with enriching the Church's spiritual and cultural life, through making literature, art and music available to its members, publishing an official church periodical, and running the Church's bookstore. The Board of Communication was also responsible for representing and directing the Church's interest in the broadcast media.

Division of Congregational Life - General

The series contains source material pertaining to the ELCC's Division of Congregational Life. It consists of correspondence, minutes, reports, promotional and printed material, relating to congregational life within the ELCC from 1963 to 1988. The series includes records from various associations, committees, programs and more, that were tasked with meeting the needs of members of ELCC churches, and those outside of the Church.

The ELCC's Division of Congregational Life role was to serve congregations with as many aids and resources to help them reach their maximum spiritual potential. The Division of Congregational Life was designed to unify, simplify and make activities more effective, bringing worship, study, outreach, stewardship together so that congregations could have fewer meetings, committees and projects. The Division of Congregational Life was responsible for a range of issues from worship, music, evangelism, stewardship, youth ministries, leadership and more. The Division dealt with everything from parish education, offering workshops, assisting auxiliaries and providing congregations with new material.

Division of Congregational Life - Evangelical Lutheran Church Women

The series contains source material from the ELCC's Division of Congregational Life's Evangelical Lutheran Church Women Group. The files found in this series typically include correspondence, minutes, educational resources, reports and promotional material related to programs, conferences, retreats and newsletters relating to the Evangelical Lutheran Church Women.

The ELCC's Evangelical Lutheran Church Women was officially established in 1967, coinciding with the ELCC transition into an autonomous church. Precursors to the ELCW, include the Ladies' Aid Groups, the Women's Missionary Federation and the Women's Missionary Society. With the establishment of early Lutheran churches at the turn of the 19th century, most congregations had Ladies' Aid Groups, that quickly became the backbone of many congregations. These groups were informally structured with little to no connection to other Ladies' Aid Groups. By the 1930s, many Canadian Lutheran congregations became involved in the Women's Missionary Federation, also referred to as the Women's Missionary Society, by the Danish Church. The WMF had national projects and structure which broadened and unified the Ladies's Aid Groups. With the 1961 ELCC merger, the WMF became the Canada District of Lutheran Women. With ELCC's 1967 transition into an autonomous church, the ELCW was born, with Clara Hedlin as its first President. The ELCC's WMF was founded upon four primary tenets: understanding the Christian mission, affirming women, supporting the growth and development of women, and expressing faith in action.

Division of Congregational Life - Youth Ministries

This series contains source material pertaining to the ELCC's Division of Congregational Life's Youth Ministries. It typically includes reports, correspondence, minutes, promotional material, teaching and devotional materials that document the activities of the ELCC's Youth Ministries. The ELCC's Youth Ministry activities included conferences, newsletters, groups, projects and programs .

The ELCC's youth ministry program began in 1960 with the merger of the United Evangelical Lutheran Church, the American Lutheran Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church. This merger created the American Lutheran Church- Canada District, called the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada. The ELCC adopted the American Lutheran Church's model of youth ministry, which featured a National Lutheran League Board, which consisted of the presidents of each district Luther Leagues. The Luther League was the channel for all youth ministry within the ELCC. When the ELCC became an autonomous church in 1967, the Luther League rewrote its constitution to adapt to the Canadian autonomous Lutheran Church. The purpose of the Luther League was to represent the youth of the ELCC as a unified voice, to inspire and unite the ELCC youth through conventions and publications and to provide guidance and direction to committees in programming. With autonomy, the Luther League Board underwent restructuring. In addition to the Luther League Conference Presidents, the board also included a pastoral and lay advisor. The Luther League President was nominated at the National Luther League Convention, while the Vice- President, Secretary and Treasurer were elected by the members of the board. The Luther League Board met once or twice a year to improve the ELCC's youth ministry and to plan the bi-annual Luther League Convention.

A National Luther League Executive Meeting was held in 1976 which eliminated the National Luther League Board and created in its place, the Youth Ministry Committee. The Youth Ministry Committee's purpose was threefold: to set goals for ELCC youth ministry, to provide resources and opportunities for growth on the conference level and to develop personal contact with conference level staff.

In 1981, a merger commission meeting which included ELCC and LCA-CS representatives took place to discuss the direction of youth ministry with the looming merger.

Division of Congregational Life - Sunday School at Home

The series contains source material pertaining to the Division of Congregational Life's Sunday School at Home Program. It includes teaching material from nursery school, grade school to adulthood, financial records, enrollment records, newsletters and a scrapbook. Records date from 1938 to 1985.

Available through correspondence and radio, the Sunday School at Home Program was available to members of the ELCC throughout Canada.

President's Office

The series contains source material from the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada's and the Canada District of the American Lutheran Church's President's Office. Files typically include correspondence, minutes, reports and promotional material pertaining to conferences, programs, ELCC groups and institutions, and issues dating from 1936 to 1986.

The ELCC President was the Church's spiritual leader. Limited to 6 year appointments, the ELCC President's role was to focus and coordinate the purposes and resources of congregations and its pastors. The ELCC General President was expected to oversee and support the staff, preserving and extending the unity of the Christian Faith. Roles that the President was expected to fill included presiding over General Conventions, mediating over disputes, gathering and maintaining archival and statistical material and maintain a current roster of congregations. The ELCC President was also expected to supervise over the clergy and to recruit seminarians and attend District President's meetings.

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